Friday, March 6, 2015

(Very Belated) HSM January: Foundations: 1830s Petticoat

I promise I did finish this challenge before it was due, but my computer decided to stop charging. I've finally gotten a new one (which is pink and very cute!), so I'm writing up my post now.

Over my corded petticoat and one other petticoat.

The Challenge: Foundations
Fabric: 4 yards of white cotton from stash, about $3.50/yard originally
Pattern: none
Year: I'm aiming for 1830-ish, but I think it's plausible for 1830-1860
Notions: White cotton thread  and white button from stash
How historically accurate is it?: For 1830, I'd say about 85%. The materials are perfectly plausible, and it's handsewn except for the hem.
Hours to complete: Probably 8-10. I did a lot of the handsewing in the car, so I'm not exactly sure. It also took a while to iron the hem.
First worn: Not yet, except for a prance around the house.
Total cost: About $15, although everything was from my stash