Friday, April 29, 2016

Pattern Review: Wearing History WWII Homefront- 1940s Overalls, Playsuit, Trousers

I'll preface this by saying that I didn't make the overalls or playsuit, just the trousers.

I enjoyed making up this pattern! I used it for my character's (Hostess of the Garter) trousers. I unfortunately don't have pictures other than mirror selfies, but I will edit in if I find any.

The Facts:

Pattern name: WWII Homefront- 1940s Overalls, Playsuit, Trousers

Size range: 30" 24" 33"-  46" 40" 49" in 3 different size groups

Size I made: Size 46 (46" 40" 49"), but I graded up a bit to accommodate my very generous hips

Difficulty: Pretty easy! Of course, I only made the trousers, but they were still pretty easy. They were my first pair of pants/trousers, and it was a good pattern to start out with, imo. I didn't use the instructions because I'm me, so I can't comment on them.

Fit: I graded up the hips (and maybe the waist, since I wanted the "waist" at my high hip)

Fabric requirments: 2 yards- 2-1/2 yards for the trousers

Make again?: Probably not, at least for a while. But I may make some tap pants using this pattern as a base

Recommend to a friend?: Most likely!

Overall rating: 4/5! All in all, this is a great pattern, though I do wish there was a larger size range.

(This review consists of my own unbiased opinions; I was not compensated by, nor am I affiliated with Wearing History)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Merry Wives Progress

I've been meaning to update more for you all, but I've basically been sewing my ass off for this show. We had the photoshoot last Friday, and I had such a blast styling Mistress Page (red silk) and Mistress Ford (blue velvet). The hair and makeup were just quick-and-dirty 1940s, but I think my girls looked absolutely fabulous.
I'll make a post about the construction of the costumes after the show!