Sunday, August 2, 2015

HSM July: Accessorize- 1830s Plaid Belt

I've been wanting to make a belt to match my plaid dress since I actually made the dress, and it finally happened! I meant to post about this when I actually finished the belt last week, but I've been so busy with tech week and the show. Better late than never. (Also please ignore how bad the dress looks. It is definitely getting remade for September's challenge.)

 The belt is made of the dress silk whip stitched to a base of cotton duck. It should probably have been buckram or something, but I didn't have any, and couldn't get to anywhere that sold it. The 'buckle' was a lucky clearance find at Hobby Lobby (I bought it for around $1.50, and I actually found another one and got that one too). It's actually supposed to be a fancy jar label, but I took off the paper backing and glued some gold-coloured copper wire to the back to make it into a slide-type buckle.

The Challenge: Accessorize
Fabric: A bit of brown/blue plaid shantung silk and a bit of tan cotton duck
Year: I was shooting for 1830s, but I think the method could at least work for different decades.
Notions: Fancy jar label, gold-coloured copper wire, glue
How Historically Accurate is It?: Tolerably, I think? Fabrics could be better, though.
Hours to Complete: So many. I obsessed about making the stitches perfectly even.
First Worn: Not yet!
Total Cost: Probably less than $5 for the amount of materials I actually used.