Saturday, October 18, 2014

1830s Dress Progress

I'm very nearly finished with the dress. All I need to do is pipe the neckline and the waist, sew on the hooks and eyes, and attach the skirt to the bodice. I'd also like to sew up a belt/sash, but I will forego it if I don't have time.
I actually made all the progress so far in about 5 days. My grandmother helped with the fitting on a Saturday, and I sewed like mad from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday night. It is entirely hand-sewn.
I'll be wearing this dress on October 31. I'm wearing it in the morning/afternoon for a fall festival where I'll be reading The Princess and the Pea to some children, then I'll be going to a Halloween party at night.
I'll hopefully be finished with it soon, and I promise to post pictures as soon as I can!

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