Saturday, June 20, 2015

HSM: June: Out of Your Comfort Zone

Finished, except for the hem, which was done after the picture was taken.
I made a 1940s dress for my best friend Abigail! It was definitely a challenge for me and out of my comfort zone because I'd never done "vintage" sewing, but I really enjoyed making it! I'll try to get a picture of her wearing it and edit it in this post.

Challenge: June- Out of Your Comfort Zone
Fabric: 2 or 3 yards of blue and white gingham, probably a poly/cotton blend (originally bought for a Dorothy Gale costume that never happened).
Pattern: Sensibility 1940s "Swing" Dress
Year: The pattern says 1942!
Notions: Cotton thread, snaps, blue ricrac
How historically accurate is it? I'd say mostly. Good pattern, but I'm not sure about the fabric and the ricrac.
Hours to complete: I have no idea. Not that long though.
First worn: Not yet!
Total Cost: About $10 for the pattern, maybe $1-$2 for the amount of snaps I used, and the fabric, ricrac, and thread were in my stash. Total cost was about $20-$25, including stash materials.

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