Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Christine Daae Hair Tutorial

Gina Beck, West End
Sarah Brightman, West End

Harriet Jones, West End
Elizabeth Loyocano, Vegas or Broadway

 Christine Daae's brown curly wig is iconic. There are many different variations, but I'm just going to do a basic overview.

  1. Decide if you want to heat-set your curls or wet-set them. I personally do the rag-curl method, because even though I have naturally curly hair, it won't hold a heat-set curl. (I also try not to use much heat on my hair to prevent damage.) I usually use 10-12 rags because I have very long and fairly thick hair. You can use a small curling iron or small hot rollers if that's easier for you and your hair. (Be sure to use a heat protectant if you use heat!)
  2. Curl your hair. Duh. It helps to make all your curls curl toward the back. I separate my hair into 10-12 sections. You may need more or less, depending on your hair. I sleep in the rag-curls. (Cue my mother calling me Medusa.) You want fairly tight ringlets. You might want to add a cream/mousse/etc to prevent frizz.
  3. Take out your rags, then carefully separate your curls. I usually separate them into about 3, depending on how thick. If you find your curls wanting to frizz up, twist them to smooth them. Just a warning, rag curling will dramatically reduce the length of your hair at first. My hair goes down to my hips, and was reduced to armpit length. The curls do "drop" a bit eventually. Mine end up about waist length.
  4. If you didn't part your hair in the middle before, do so now. Make another part from ear to ear and separate the front from the back.
  5.  Christine (and the other ballet girls) usually has (have) a slight (or not so slight) Minnie Mouse effect at the front, so tease the front a bit. Loosely twist the front sections back and pin. It might take a few tries to get the twist right for your hair. Keep trying until you like how it looks. Try to pin inside of the twist so the pins don't show. It's a little tricky at first.
  6. If you have bangs, you might be able to make the forehead curls work for you. Sometimes my "baby hairs" will cooperate, but I usually don't stress over the forehead curls. 
I hope this was helpful! I can do a video if anyone is interested! 

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